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Lee Lee, it's a sign...

I'm having an emotional evening for a lot of reasons but I just remembered I have this ability to mix my music with my friends. So I'm listening to music my friend Lee likes.

Thanks to this feature I've found one of his songs that I love but by an artist I've never heard sing it before. WIG IN A BOX by Alan Cumming.

"Look at the woman I've become

And the strangest things seem...suddenly routine.

I look up from my vermouth on the rocks

A gift-wrapped wig still in the box?”

LEE LEE, you beautiful amazing human, it's a sign.

You see few months ago, a group of amazing humans got together and bought me the most amazing human hair wig. It's beyond comprehension that anyone would put this type of care and investment

I haven't felt worthy of this gift until now.

I am a huge huge huge believer in signs. It's no mistake that this song was played tonight, as I'm sitting here and happened to glance over at this...during these lyrics....

This sign also reminds me of 2006 when I spent the night with Alan Cumming and Cyndi Lauper at Vlada in Hell's Kitchen.

While we are speaking of Broadway, I wanna just take this time to share a video of Broadway Royalty, Daphne Rubin-Vega. She's playing Fantine in Les Mis. As a young child seeing her in RENT and then this and seeing her power as a Latina woman, was amazing.

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