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Dysphoria at PEAK

After the post I made this morning...I can't get my mind out of a very uncomfortable place, my life, pre transition.

So here are three photos of me from today.

YES, I love selfies.

YES, I post them often.

YES, it helps my dysphoria.

YES, it's a form of self care.

I'm telling you this because I have been told that I'm self centered, self absorbed and vain for taking so many selfies.

I would be lying if I said others opinions don't bother me. However, I'm learning that, it's not really my business what anyone thinks about me.


Since this is my blog and there are no set rules...I will say this.

There isn't anything that Republicans, racist right wing conservatives, TERF's, Trump supporters, KKK members, political commentators, religious evangelical folks and my fucking "friends" & extended family have said about me, that I haven't heard, read or saw about me. Especially after that viral moment I had. Which, in case it wasn't clear, I was standing up for myself. No one should be discriminated against because of their gender identity.

So you can think what you want of me.

Additionally, this blog is for me. To have a place where I can speak openly, without censor about my life and my experiences.

I also hope that trans women will read.

I love reading about the lives of other trans women and learning their experiences. I'm so lucky to have so many women to look up to these days.

When I was a kid, fuck, even as an adult until a few years ago, I wish I had trans women and trans femmes to just find, with a simple google search on insta hashtag. Perhaps some of the questions I had when discovering my gender identity would have been answered sooner.

Whew, my dysphoria is a lot better now, this really helped me feel empowered in my womanhood and trans identity.

Love, Eden

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