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Eden Rose Torres is an award-winning photographer. Early in her career, she worked with numerous LGBTQIA+ equality organizations photographing protests, vigils, rallies, and press conferences. In 2016 in the wake of the Pulse shooting Eden founded the non-profit organization, Pride Portraits. Through her work with the organization, she has photographed and interviewed seven thousand LGBTQIA+ community members as well as allies.


Eden is well-respected as an activist fighting for transgender rights. Her unapologetic voice has been heard at protests, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. She has traveled the country speaking about her life and work. Through UT Houston she also has helped navigate getting transgender women to access PrEP and hormone replacement therapy. Eden has been on the board of numerous transgender organizations and is currently on the advisory board for Point of Pride, focusing on their femme programming.


Eden’s social media content has gone viral numerous times as she continues to fight for transgender liberation.

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